Programming Architecture offers IT services to Architectural and Engineering offices, providing solutions for planning and realization of architectural elements with complex geometry. Programming Architecture comes from a strong background in Structural Engineering and therefore tries to focus on Structural Design and Optimization, using cutting-edge programming methods that combine Design and Static Analysis software.

Programming Architecture is founded by Milos Dimcic, after finishing his PhD at the Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design at the University of Stuttgart. Starting 2006, he has been developing software used in the building industry and has been programming methods of Static optimization within his PhD research. Working for the Knippers Helbig office he gained experience from projects such as: Westfield LondonMyZeil FrankfurtBao’an International AirportEXPO Axis, US Institute Of Peace, etc..

The office tries to focus and position itself in the less occupied niche of Structural Design of complex buildings, while additionally offering a wide range of programming services in the fields of Architecture and Engineering. With a strong structural background, practical and academic, Programming Architecture tries to offer unique and sophisticated methods that combine Design and Static Analysis programs in order to achieve statically efficient structures. Our team of architects, engineers and programmers is very praxis-oriented, concentrating on offering precise and production-ready solutions.


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