The future of (interior) design

How will you approach furniture (interior) design in the future? A new video explaining some of my ideas for optimization on a smaller scale (feel free to share):

In this video we demonstrate the static optimization of simple, small scale structures. We  intentionally chose extremely simple examples because. in this video, we only want to explain the principle, and we did not want to compromise the understanding of the basic idea by showing off with complex geometries.

This demonstrates a new plug-in being developed – eVe | optima. Like all of our plug-ins, it is first used “in house” and will be given for free afterwards. The idea is to have a general optimization tool, so you can set any type of geometry that you like, set any mechanical characteristics, set any of those as variables and optimize for different (statical and geometrical) goals. The possibilities are eneormous and soon enough we will use this software to show some of them.¬†Videos with very interesting optimizations are coming soon…

Milos Dimcic


What is your profession?

A new video explaining the emergence of a new profession and the need for the integration of programming from the very first phase of the architectural and building process: